Medusa's World:

The Green Fairy walks around with a little forest on wheels. There is a lot to see. Children love to come close and find all the insects, little animals, and other hidden treasures on the cart. The Green Fairy has a monsterbook, that protects her from the evil creatures in the forest, like orks, and wolfs, and trols. When she opens it, a humongous monster pops out to protect her. She has magic green potion (lemonade) that kids love!

The Green Fairy has two special drinks: she has Absinthe for adults, and knows a lot about this forbidden potion. She poors the drink in the "sensational", ritual way, by burning it and using the special silver absinthe spoon.The Green Fairy loves being outdoors where everybody can see her, but at parties and in nightclubs she 'glows', especially at burlesque "Moulin Rouge" parties (remember Kylie Minogue in the movie Moulin Rouge...?)

Medusa has performed her Green Fairy Act for:
Erwin Olaf, BNN, Evenementenhal Rijswijk, Fantasy Fair, Bal du Masque, Groot Gorkums Grime Festival, Paradiso, Midwinter Fair, Rai, etc. etc.

The Green Fairy

You can book the Green Fairy for any party! Her bar on wheels, can be used to poor absinthe, or serve snacks. If you want her to make more fairies, she can bring her make-up and turn children into fantasy creatures l!