Medusa's World:

Medusa's fire-dance :
Medusa dances on stage with the rock-band The Dreamside, she dances at parties, in nightclubs and at festivals, and Medusa is co-founder of the Fire-Theatre-Group Flames of Chaos.

Medusa with Kemi Vita from The Dreamside


Solo Act:
A sensual fire-dance/bellydance, poi, fakir act, or in different costumes that actually burn themselves!

Duo Act:
Medusa and her firesister dance a magnificent and sexy fire-ballet!

Trio Act:
Medusa, Flames of Chaos, and a group of stiltwalkers have merged their acts into one daring, beastly, wild and evil looking act! See Photo below...

Group Acts:
Medusa and Flames of Chaos Fire-Theatre offer you from 4 up to 17 fire performers. So if you are ever in need of a lot of fire, or you look forward to our 35 minute fire-spectacle, full of romance, tension and exitement, visuals, thunder and music, have a look at the Flames of Chaos website!

Medusa, Judith and Michelle... Beware, this act is powerfully scary!




If you are interested in spectacle with a storyline, you will like Flames of Chaos! From 4 up to 17 people, Flames of Chaos offers you a 35 minute theatrical spectacle full of humor, chaos, romance, visuals, pyrotechnics, acrobatics, gladiators, firebreathing and more!

Medusa as Queen in the Fire-Theatre from Flames of Chaos

All that is required for the Flames of Chaos spectacle:
8-15 meters stage, preferably outside, or a big indoor hall or something, with a very high ceiling! A proper sound system.
Flames of Chaos take care of safety-regulations, have their own safety staff, and will check everything with you to find out if a fire-show is actually safe to do

Medusa has performed her fire-acts at:
Dance Valley, Boom Chicago, Q-Dance, UDC, Ground Zero, Keistadfeesten, Qlimax, Harry Potternacht, Museumnacht Hellevoetsluis, Midwinter Fair, Castlefest, etc. etc.

A scene from the Flames of Chaos Theatre Show. The Fight between the magician and the king...

Medusa in Halloween Costume